Monday, June 5, 2023

new music

Synthwave producer Das Mörtal reflects on time in ‘WASTED’

Image credit: Ariana Molly Lisbon Lux Records producer Das Mörtal has unleashed a new record titled ‘WASTED’. Coming...

Alva Noto remixes Vincenzo Ramaglia’s ‘La parole 1’

Image credit: Dieter Wuschanski Playing in the left field, experimental producer Alva Noto has remixed the work of...

Post-punk disco band CDSM share song ‘GHF’

Atlanta-based post-punk group CDSM (short for Celebrity Death Slot Machine) announce their debut EP Hell Stairs and share their lead single: "GFH."

Post-punk trio Niagara announce experimental compilation

Lisbon-based trio & Príncipe affiliates Niagara announce new compilation of catalogue deep cuts 'Parva Naturalia'. Pre-Order

Grammy-winning composer William Orbit shares mind-bending electronica EP

Multiple Grammy-award winning writer, composer, producer, and performer William Orbit is considered a pioneer of electronic music and...

Juche gives Tee Dee Dees ‘War’ a synthwave makeover

Juche has created a remix for Tee Dee Dees ‘War’ adding a synthwave take to the original track. The...