Monday, January 30, 2023

new music

Alva Noto remixes Vincenzo Ramaglia’s ‘La parole 1’

Image credit: Dieter Wuschanski Playing in the left field, experimental producer Alva Noto has remixed the work of...

Post-punk disco band CDSM share song ‘GHF’

Atlanta-based post-punk group CDSM (short for Celebrity Death Slot Machine) announce their debut EP Hell Stairs and share their lead single: "GFH."

Post-punk trio Niagara announce experimental compilation

Lisbon-based trio & Príncipe affiliates Niagara announce new compilation of catalogue deep cuts 'Parva Naturalia'. Pre-Order

Grammy-winning composer William Orbit shares mind-bending electronica EP

Multiple Grammy-award winning writer, composer, producer, and performer William Orbit is considered a pioneer of electronic music and...

Juche gives Tee Dee Dees ‘War’ a synthwave makeover

Juche has created a remix for Tee Dee Dees ‘War’ adding a synthwave take to the original track. The...

Synthwave makeover by The Toxic Avenger for Saint Mars’ ‘Last Dream Ever Made’

The Toxic Avenger has given Saint Mars’ ‘Last Dream Ever Made’ a synthwave makeover. 'The Toxic Avenger Remixes' will come as a...